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Writing a UK Essay can be very simple, if you follow certain important guidelines:

Firstly, your UK essay should be strictly checked for grammatical errors. Here, in the UK, grammar is given the utmost importance academically. If one is negligent, the meaning of the sentence can be altogether changed.

Secondly, you have to be very careful in choosing your wordings. There can absolutely be no usage of slang words or phrases. For example, in the Latin American and Australian sub-continents, the usage of the English language is very open to slangs, rough and choppy wordings. UK essay writing standards are far stricter and have been practiced austerely since many generations. Our standards are not subject to any change or influence whatsoever. That is why, great care has to be taken to write and check what is written in a UK Essay. Furthermore, the context of the wordings, are subject to change in the English language. Even though grammatically and spelling-wise your sentence might be correct, the place and how you have used the specific wording can change its entire meaning. So, great care has to be taken in this respect also.

To ensure a good flow of thought, suitable linking words have to be used at the beginning of every supporting point or sentence. This is mostly done with the usage of adverbs ending in “ly”. By constantly reading quality UK books and leading newspapers, the style of UK essay writing can be easily developed. Then all that is left is to apply the writing style, in the format of a UK Essay. This comprises a catchy introduction, a well supported body, which can be of several paragraphs and finally, a defining conclusion.


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