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Proofreading Software-How Useful it is to Improve Your Assignment
Created On: 01/10/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (1)

Proofreading software is software that is used to analyse any grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors that students make while writing their assignment. Students spend number of days to write his/her assignments in order to attain good grades. So, it is necessary that it must be correct, readable, accurate and free from errors.

Developing an assignment is not a big deal. The most important thing is to know the proper skills of writing, use of correct grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and formatting. Students sometimes feel exhausted in writing an assignment due to lack of all these skills.

Proofreading software helps students to improve their writing skills. Such software will automatically correct all errors which you have made while writing an assignment, by analysing the construction of text blocks. It will make students aware of the u

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Cultural Studies Topics
Created On: 26/10/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (0)

A study that signifies role of social institutions in determining a culture of a society is known as cultural studies. It is a subject that has a wide influence in philosophy, sociology, historiography, literary criticism, anthropology, political economy, literary theory and art criticism, anthropology and art criticism. The major concerns of cultural studies are:

1.    Race
2.    Gender
3.    Class
4.    Ethnicity
5.    Nationality
6.    Social class
7.    gender

This becomes the foundation of cultural knowledge; it has become an academic field of study that defines the phenomena of above mentioned subjects.

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Dos and Donts of Essay Writing
Created On: 28/10/2009  - in Essay Writing  - Comments  (0)
Essay writing is not an easy task to be accomplished. It follows a certain structure, a comprehensive plan; requires  innovative topic and supporting materials. There are some essay writing tips that reveals some magical ways to write an error-free customised essay.


•    Do not start an assignment mentioning yourself as a writer.  Use of first person is prohibited

•    Your opinion is not authoritative; avoid imposing your opinion on your reader. Statements should be used affirmatively.

•    Do not repeat the words
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How to write a professional essay
Created On: 30/10/2009  - in Essay Writing  - Comments  (0)
To write a professional essay, one should keenly study the multiple purposes to which essay writing serves. The purposes of essay writing are:

•    To provide information
•    To educate readers
•    To motivate or persuade them with your point
•    To determine a student’s understanding of a subject

Essay writing follows some rules and standards which are required to be met.

There are 8 comprehensive and specified parts of essays that helps in building a professional essay.  These are:

•    Research
•    Topic selection
•    Thesis statement writing
•    Making no
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How to write an essay
Created On: 07/01/2010  - in Essay Writing  - Comments  (1)

Essays are a complete thought; they are responsible to bring out an overall idea. An essay can reveal the myths regarding any issue or topic by explaining ever important aspect of it. 

The actual thing is how to get started. You need to identify the format and tactics for writing every part of an essay. Now, read the essay question carefully and identify the requirements for your essay. If it’s stated that “explain”, or “briefly explain, then explain the essay answer in your paper. If it’s stated that “evaluate”, or “describe” an essay topic, then do as being asked from you.

 After identifying your essay question type, brainstorm the aspects of your essay topic at a broader level; let your mind wander. Brainstorming can be done through 5 distinctive tactics:

• Mapping
• Free writing
• Listing
• Questions
• Spectruming

Formulation of the thesis gives an idea about what should be included specifically, and the outcomes ar

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