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Dos and Donts of Essay Writing
Created On: 28/10/2009  - in Essay Writing  - Comments  (0)
Essay writing is not an easy task to be accomplished. It follows a certain structure, a comprehensive plan; requires  innovative topic and supporting materials. There are some essay writing tips that reveals some magical ways to write an error-free customised essay.


•    Do not start an assignment mentioning yourself as a writer.  Use of first person is prohibited

•    Your opinion is not authoritative; avoid imposing your opinion on your reader. Statements should be used affirmatively.

•    Do not repeat the words
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How to write a professional essay
Created On: 30/10/2009  - in Essay Writing  - Comments  (0)
To write a professional essay, one should keenly study the multiple purposes to which essay writing serves. The purposes of essay writing are:

•    To provide information
•    To educate readers
•    To motivate or persuade them with your point
•    To determine a student’s understanding of a subject

Essay writing follows some rules and standards which are required to be met.

There are 8 comprehensive and specified parts of essays that helps in building a professional essay.  These are:

•    Research
•    Topic selection
•    Thesis statement writing
•    Making no
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