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How to write an essay
Created On: 07/01/2010  - in Essay Writing  - Comments  (1)

Essays are a complete thought; they are responsible to bring out an overall idea. An essay can reveal the myths regarding any issue or topic by explaining ever important aspect of it. 

The actual thing is how to get started. You need to identify the format and tactics for writing every part of an essay. Now, read the essay question carefully and identify the requirements for your essay. If it’s stated that “explain”, or “briefly explain, then explain the essay answer in your paper. If it’s stated that “evaluate”, or “describe” an essay topic, then do as being asked from you.

 After identifying your essay question type, brainstorm the aspects of your essay topic at a broader level; let your mind wander. Brainstorming can be done through 5 distinctive tactics:

• Mapping
• Free writing
• Listing
• Questions
• Spectruming

Formulation of the thesis gives an idea about what should be included specifically, and the outcomes ar

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Analysing An Advertisement For Your Writing Assignment
Created On: 12/01/2010  - in Assignment Writing  - Comments  (1)

Analysing an advertisement and preparing thesis for it is a commonly practiced writing assignment, being assigned in most of the English classes we attend. Constructing a thesis for such assignments needs a few things and measures to be adopted that are proved to be helpful for any student.

• General observations should be stated last. First, dig deep to get something unique and distinctive about the advertisement.
• Thesis for an ad assignment should tell the readers as to why it is significant in enhancing the sale of the products.
• Try stating what your readers and audiences might not have noticed for themselves in the first glance.
• Elaborate the importance of using the product and discuss the outcomes of it as shown in the ad.
• Go deep and check what values they have demonstrated in the advertisements. Is it a product for young generation and advertisements have wrongly demonstrated it? Elaborat

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