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Business Assignments Topics
Created On: 16/09/2009  - in Free Business Assignments Topics  - Comments  (0)
Organisations that offer merchandises and services to others are known as ‘business.’ The study of an organisation of individuals to sustain communal efficiency to achieve particular innovative and dynamic objective is studied in business studies. Some of the basic forms of business are sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and cooperative.

At higher level of an academic career, students have to submit research report individually. A business dissertation or thesis requires lot of research and reading. If you are interested in writing a dissertation and worry about creating a topic, this article will help you in choosing a topic of your choice:
Global Politics and Global Business:

• Effect of communal authority on internationalisation and performance of firms
• An analysis of provincial amalgamation for Nokia into the European Union (EU)
• What is the connotation and progression of globalisation and how does it fit into the me
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Linguistic Topics
Created On: 26/09/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (0)

It is the study of natural language comprising of numerous sub-categories including language structure and the study of meanings. Other than that, linguistic are considered as the approach to language study that works in many diverse directions. It primarily focuses on individuals who study or employ the methodologies.

It is considered as the scientific study that emphasizes on universal languages apprehension. It belongs to social sciences that deals with the other disciplines of social sciences like psychology, sociology, and anthropology etc

Because language is a significant part of life that is used to communicate and interact with people, it has many creative aspects in it. The sounds and words are a part of linguistics which deals with communicating effective

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Free Political Science Topics
Created On: 08/10/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (0)

It is defined as a social science which studies the theories and implementation of politics. It is also defined as an analysis of political systems and the behaviours it follows. Like all other disciplines, it has numerous sub-fields that include: public policy, political theory, comparative politics and international relations.
The discipline is slightly different because it follows philosophy of politics, the structuralism, behaviourism, interpretivism, and intuitionalism. It works with secondary records, official and historical documents, statistical analysis etc

TOPICS for Political science assignment and dissertation:

• Political philosophy and theory
• Different political systems
• Policy analysis and studies
• Different ideologies associated with political science
• The system of voting and electoral

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Cultural Studies Topics
Created On: 26/10/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (0)

A study that signifies role of social institutions in determining a culture of a society is known as cultural studies. It is a subject that has a wide influence in philosophy, sociology, historiography, literary criticism, anthropology, political economy, literary theory and art criticism, anthropology and art criticism. The major concerns of cultural studies are:

1.    Race
2.    Gender
3.    Class
4.    Ethnicity
5.    Nationality
6.    Social class
7.    gender

This becomes the foundation of cultural knowledge; it has become an academic field of study that defines the phenomena of above mentioned subjects.

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