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Dos and Donts of Essay Writing
Created On: 10/28/2009  - in Essay Writing  - Comments (0)
Essay writing is not an easy task to be accomplished. It follows a certain structure, a comprehensive plan; requires  innovative topic and supporting materials. There are some essay writing tips that reveals some magical ways to write an error-free customised essay.


•    Do not start an assignment mentioning yourself as a writer.  Use of first person is prohibited

•    Your opinion is not authoritative; avoid imposing your opinion on your reader. Statements should be used affirmatively.

•    Do not repeat the words or concepts more than once in your body paragraphs.

•    Do not use ambiguous terms in order to make your essay look professional.

•    Avoid using first person throughout your paper work

•    Do not use such arguments that can weaken your point or essay


•    Always use a strong topic of your interest to write on it.

•    Use good vocabulary words to make your essay professional.

•    Always use third person in your paper

•    Research well before writing

•    Use simple language and easy words to make your readers understand of your point

•    To lengthen the essay, always seek for new sources of research

•    Proofread your content when writing the first draft for it

•    An essay topic should be selected by keeping in mind your audiences and your interest.

•    Always cite your sources in order to avoid being accused of plagiarism

•    Restate the concepts but avoid repetition of words

•    Always make an outline for your essay in order to get it organised and omit errors

•    Seek for guidance and support of your tutor and stay in contact while writing your essay

•    An essay should contribute some new information to make it interesting for your readers.

Essay writing is one of the significant academic assignments that reflect your personality and thought. A student should write an essay professionally.

Dos and Donts of Essay Writing

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