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Homework Assignment Writing
Created On: 1/3/2010  - in Assignment Writing  - Comments (0)

Homework assignments are purposefully given to students in order to continue what has been taught in the class that could help in exploring other grounds to stimulate the learning process. All in all, students are required to complete homework assignments at any cost.

A teacher has to understand that assigning creative and interesting assignments provokes the interest of the students. Homework assignments are especially suggested to be interest-provoking that involve group activities, researching in different areas, and applying new and innovative approaches to an older one, which can be very effective.

Homework assignments are meant to extend the students’ knowledge, but it’s a common perception that aggressively extending the learning curve of a student may make it boring or make students exhausted.

Realising the situation of your students’ mind, implement these tips to make your homework assignment attractive and interesting to the students can be beneficial:

• Quizzes/questions should be given on such homework assignments that are the extension of classroom lessons. This will check how much their knowledge is enhanced and how they implement that knowledge to solve them.

• Prepare a guideline to make the parents learn what you have taught and what is being expected from the homework assignment.

• Another way is to demonstrate a homework assignment in the classroom. For instance, write one by yourself and make it cited in the classroom clipboard. Appreciate them asking questions to have them a clear idea of what is being expected from them.

• While assigning a homework assignment, check the understanding of students individually by asking them questions.

• Teach every important point related to homework assignment writing in class and give them a guideline sheet to make them memorise the lesson.

•  Whenever a homework assignment is handed over to you, ask students to share their experience with their fellows in order to make them learn from each other experiences

Always try to indulge your student while teaching, and make your teaching standard interesting for students. Over the span of time, learning has become easier, attractive and interesting for students. Try implementing new approaches to your homework assignment.

Homework Assignment Writing

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