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Assignment Writing Guidelines
Created On: 1/5/2010  - in Assignment Writing  - Comments (0)

The day has finally passed, making you sit and check the assignments. It’s a well-known tiring late hour of the night and you are still left with the checking work. Try these comprehensive points to minimise the work load and effort to become an efficient and attentive tutor.

Here are a few great ways that are intended to limit the tiring hours of working:

• Modelling samples should be provided whenever a new assignment is given to students. This sample model will be prepared as per your expectation and requirement. This can be in the shape of essay questions, essay prompts and other questionnaires.
• Define two to three methods for thinking and covering the research process like brainstorming, free writing etc.
• Ensure providing a rubric that delivers your criteria for grading. The ideal level of grading are four; level A, B, C and D. Elaborate your requirements to achieve a particular grade.
• Use templates to clear the concept of writing an assignment you have in mind. If it’s an essay writing assignment, then clearly define how many paragraphs are required in each respective part of an essay
• Grammar checklist preparation will help you avoid a casually-written assignment, like in SMS or chat language.
• Appreciate students to write a first draft and get it checked by any family member or friend before writing a final copy.
• Construct a check of paper for the significant parts of assignment, when students are ready to submit their work; handover the rubric sheet and check-off sheet and ask them to check the assignment parts accordingly and grade themselves for each part.

These are some patterns of grading that results in ensuring minimum effort and time required for grading and checking piles of assignments. By following these patterns, all you have to do is to check that each section is completed and grade them according to the rubric sheet.

Informing your students well about required standard for writing helps you to spend less time in grading and checking as your students may get aware of what is expected and required from them.

Assignment Writing Guidelines

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