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Analysing An Advertisement For Your Writing Assignment
Created On: 1/12/2010  - in Assignment Writing  - Comments (1)

Analysing an advertisement and preparing thesis for it is a commonly practiced writing assignment, being assigned in most of the English classes we attend. Constructing a thesis for such assignments needs a few things and measures to be adopted that are proved to be helpful for any student.

• General observations should be stated last. First, dig deep to get something unique and distinctive about the advertisement.
• Thesis for an ad assignment should tell the readers as to why it is significant in enhancing the sale of the products.
• Try stating what your readers and audiences might not have noticed for themselves in the first glance.
• Elaborate the importance of using the product and discuss the outcomes of it as shown in the ad.
• Go deep and check what values they have demonstrated in the advertisements. Is it a product for young generation and advertisements have wrongly demonstrated it? Elaborate the ad on your criteria and note down observations.
• Observe an ad according to the atmospheric conditions and climate of a geographic region that is being used in the ad.
• Research for the culture demonstrated in an ad; you can also use statics to refine your observation.

Now, coming back to the writing, use a systematic five statements process that supports the main thesis and its relation with the ad. Significantly, what is demonstrated in an ad should be linked with thesis. This will give you a topic sentence to develop the body of your assignment. Write a strong conclusion based on your research findings and observation. It’s a truly effective and systematic method to analyse your advertisement critically and writing an assignment for it.

However, one can find other methods to write an advertisement assignment, but it is suggested for beginners to work systematically, to avoid messing up with the efforts and ruining the possibility of getting better grade.

ARTICLE LESSON: It is suggested to select an advertisement by yourself to pick the one that interests you the most. Get your thesis approved first before writing the overall assignment.

Analysing An Advertisement For Your Writing Assignment

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Latex Strümpfe
Posted by: 12/10/2010 6:31:27 AM
Dieser Artikel hat eine spezielle Ansicht an Internet. Es hat eine sehr gründliche klare Analyse über Internet Situation. Es ist ein Lesezeichen markiert und empfohlen. Vielen Dank !


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